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The Addiction Formula

The bestseller that started Holistic Songwriting. 317 psychological tactics for grabbing any listener's attention through your songwriting
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The Songwriting Decks

Find inspiration and challenge in 216 unique cards, with billions of possibilities. 5 decks (harmony, melody, lyrics, groove and structure)
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The 24-Hour Song

Streamline your process, finish your songs, write better music faster. The course that explains the perfect process for finishing your songs.
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Are you ready to take your songwriting and music production skills to unprecedented heights?

At Holistic Songwriting Academy we're redefining the landscape of online music education. Whether you're a budding songwriter, a seasoned producer, or someone seeking a comprehensive immersion into the world of music creation, our Academy is your one-stop destination for an enriching and transformative learning experience. We embrace the holistic approach, ensuring that every element critical to your growth as an artist is meticulously addressed.

Our curriculum spans the vast spectrum of music creation, giving you the tools to sculpt melodies that captivate, lyrics that resonate, and productions that leave a lasting impact. Unlike other schools, we also focus on the unsung heroes of songwriting, the parts of a song that do the heavy lifting, such as Groove, Sound Design and Structuring Songs.