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The Addiction Formula

The bestseller that started Holistic Songwriting. 317 psychological tactics for grabbing any listener's attention through your songwriting
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The Songwriting Decks

Find inspiration and challenge in 216 unique cards, with billions of possibilities. 5 decks in one box (harmony, melody, lyrics, groove and structure)
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The 24 Hour Song

Streamline your process, finish your songs, write better music faster. The course that explains the perfect process for finishing your songs.
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Holistic Songwriting Academy

The Iconic Artist (Image)

One of our students' all time favorite and the most mind-blowing program you've ever taken! Discover your authentic self, carve out your unique Image and find the right genre for you.
Includes "How To Become An Icon" + "The Art of Storytelling"
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The Inceptionist (Lyrics)

Become a master wordsmith, find exactly the right words, control what your listener feels through your style and content. Includes a course entirely on how to fuse lyrics and melody.
Includes "Finding Your Voice" + "Lyric Canvas 2.0" + "Lyrics In Motion"
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The Puppetmaster (Groove)

Make anyone dance with the groove secrets of the greatest producers and arrangers of all time.

Includes "Programming MIDI Drums", "From Metronome to Magic", "Dynamic Arrangements", "Writing the Snare", "Writing the Kick", "Writing the Hihat", "Groove Mapping", "Rhythmic Plot Twists", "Breaking the Pulse", "Rhythmic Interplay", "Analyzing Arrangements", and "Modern Counterpoint".
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The Emotion Hacker (Harmony/Melody)

Trigger specific emotions in your listeners through colorful melodies, layered chord progressions and lush orchestration techniques.

Includes "Emotional Intelligence in Music", "Pushing through Dissonance", "The Chord Progression Architect", "The Art of Comping", "Chords: Beyond Expectations", "Dreamlike Harmony", "Mastering Melodic Groove", "Melody: Shaping Pitch", and "Orchestral Layering".
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The Sound Sculptor (Production)

Use your music production to tell better stories and get under your listeners' skin.

Includes "Quick 'n' Dirty Music Production" & "Sculpting Space"
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Addiction Formula 2.0 (Structure)

Master the psychological tricks that engage your listeners and practically force them to listen to your songs. Based on the global bestseller that took the songwriting + production world by storm.

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