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The Addiction Formula

The bestseller that started Holistic Songwriting. 317 psychological tactics for grabbing any listener's attention through your songwriting
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The Songwriting Decks

Find inspiration and challenge in 216 unique cards, with billions of possibilities. 5 decks in one box (harmony, melody, lyrics, groove and structure)
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The 24-Hour Song

Streamline your process, finish your songs, write better music faster. The course that explains the perfect process for finishing your songs.
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Holistic Songwriting Academy

Are you ready for the full holistic experience?

This is our flagship program, which includes over 30+ courses on everything song creation. Sculpt melodies that captivate, lyrics that resonate, and produce for lasting impact to write music that goes down in history as a global phenomenon. We also teach on the unsung heroes of song creation, the parts of a song that do the heavy lifting, such as Image, Production, Groove, Sound Design, Arrangement and Song Structure. 
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