The best marketing for your music? Your music.

At Holistic Songwriting, we believe that turning you into an engaging, unique artist beats any salescopy, budget or connections you could ever have. 

We help artists find what makes them unique, and turn their uniqueness into a career. Because when you're one of a kind, there is no competition.

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Using science to unravel the mysteries of commercial music

We believe song creation should be taught by real artists (not “gurus” or academics) and backed by proven frameworks (not hacks or trends that go stale).

Our bestseller "The Addiction Formula" teaches you a set of psychological triggers to turn your songs into audience magnets that market themselves.

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What we do

We make your music more awesome by showing you the skills you need to express yourself as an individual. We do this by showing you all the pulls and levers in your music and how to use them to reveal character.
• Image & Workflow
• Hooks & Harmony
• Lyrics & Song Structure
• Groove & Arrangement
• Production & Sound Design

In short: EVERYTHING you need to know to become a true master of song creation.

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21+ exercises, 1024 combinations. Just draw two cards and combine to get your unique songwriting prompt. Crafted with care to deliver a stylish product that transforms the workflow of both beginners and professionals.

Comes with decks for Lyrics, Melody, Harmony, Groove and Structure. Over 216 cards, delivered in a sleek magnetic box to your door.

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