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The Art of Collaborating on Music: How to stay creative, energised, and productive

Picture shows multiple people in a recording studio, collaborating on music and having fun (Art created by Dall-E 2). Nearly every song in the Billboard top 100 has 4+ writers credited. Sure, some credits go to so-called “token-writers”, who don’t contribute musically or lyrically (these are normally the artist themselves, whose name alone will give the song exposure). (...)

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Do Not Write Another Melody Until You’ve Read This (Avoid Notes)

Why Avoid Notes may be f-ing up your melodies right under your radar. How to spot them, get rid of them and when it’s ok to write one.I’ll be the first to admit that music theory is rather pointless when it comes to writing Pop music, but there’s one thing where music theory really helps to write better melodies: Avoid Notes.In short, these are certain notes you should (drumroll:) avoid. These notes sound unpleasant because they “rub” against the harmony.I hear songwriters use avoid notes all the time without knowing it and it really kills their melodies. And of course, you never hear them in hit songs.

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5 Tips On How To Write The Perfect Lyrics To A Love Song (incl. Video)

Which songwriter doesn’t know this situation: Your significant other has a birthday coming up and you don’t have a gift yet. The copy of “He’s just not that into you” from last year didn’t go over too well and your only way to ever getting laid again is confessing your love in the form of a beautiful song.Love remains the #1 subject in songwriting and being able to write great romantic lyrics is mandatory for every professional songwriter.The 5 techniques from this article can be applied to any type of lyric, but they do wonders for romantic songs.

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