Songwriter/Producers: Not sure where to start your journey?

Picture this:

You’re at a concert of your favorite artist (let’s call them your “icon”) and for the next song, they’re inviting you to join them on stage. 

You can’t believe your luck– you are sure you will remember this moment forever. Blood rushing into your ears, you crowdsurf to the front. Your icon grabs your hand and pulls you up to the stage. 

You get to your feet and take a look around. Holy shit. All those people, all those cameras pointed at you. Every last seat is sold out. It’s mesmerizing.

Your icon’s voice echoes through the arena. “So, what do you do?” 

You lean forward and stammer into the mic he’s holding out for you. “I’m a musician.” 

“A musician! How about a proper job?”, your icon says, and the audience laughs. “No, a musician, that’s great! Can you show us something you’ve written?”

Sweat breaks out on your forehead. “Really? You wanna hear one of my songs? Now?” 

Your icon turns to the audience with a smile. “I think someone needs a little encouragement.”

A wave of applause washes over the stage.

Your heart sinks. But you came up here, and you can’t back down now. So you take out your phone, navigate to your songs and play… what?
What song do you play?
That’s the question, isn’t it? The question that defines your personal success as a songwriter: have you written a song you’re really fucking proud of?

When you look back at everything you’ve ever written: how many of those songs actually deserve the label “great”? You may have written a song you like, but would you bet your life savings on it? Out of all your songs, how many?

One? Two? Zero?

Most people spend an average of one-and-a-half months on finishing a song (and by finish I mean the whole thing: writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering). That’s a lot of time. 

But is it worth it? After all this work, are you ever truly happy with your song? Do you love what you’ve written? Do you want to hear it again and again? Or did you just finish it because you felt like you had to? Maybe there’s a great song in there somewhere, but you know you didn’t quite manage to unearth it.

Here’s what most people’s process looks like:
We’re talking about that folder on your hard drive, filled with hundreds of song snippets and ideas, never to be heard by the world.

We’re talking about the notebooks, filled with lines and scribbles, waiting to be finally turned into songs– if only time would allow. 

We’re talking about that sinking feeling you get whenever you think of your songwriting career.

- It’s the procrastination, that inhibition threshold holding you back from just sitting your ass down to write.
- It’s the perfectionism, the constant tweaking and revising, the mutating of perfectly fine songs into unrecognizable monsters.
- It’s the lack of time, when life keeps getting in the way, when you can’t find even a minute to pursue your passion.
- It’s the self-doubt, the overthinking, the overwhelm, the massive, all-consuming challenge that is songwriting. 
- It’s your fucking ego, resisting feedback and suggestions from others (or the opposite, where you can’t finish a song until EVERYBODY’s happy!)
It’s the aimless writing sessions, where you stab around in the dark without a clue of what you’re doing, feeling like an imposter
- It’s the creative rut, repeating the same musical ideas over and over again (or the opposite, where no two songs sound alike).
- And finally, it’s the comparisons to others, like how can they release so much great music in so little time? How have they not gone completely insane by now?

Let’s face it: Most of your songs end up in the demo bucket, never to be heard from again.
This is a problem that affects all skill levels, from first-time writer to hit producer. These challenges are so great that they keep 90% of songwriters from ever releasing a song. 
Here’s the problem:
Your process sucks!
When you sit down to write, you don’t know what you’re working towards. That’s why you don’t finish your songs or take forever to complete them. It’s why you don’t enjoy the process, and it’s why you haven’t written more than a handful of songs you really, truly love.

But what if you could change all that, and finish more songs than you ever have? What if you could turn off that critical voice inside your head and just write, write, write?
“Hi, I’m Friedemann Findeisen (BMus) and I’m the creator of Holistic Songwriting. I’m the bestselling author of The Addiction Formula and my YouTube channel Holistic Songwriting has gathered over 400,000 subscribers.

I change people’s lives by empowering them to write awesome fucking songs. I help songwriters, musicians, producers and artists to find their message and express it in a way that resonates with others. 

Let me show you how to write better songs faster.”

How to write 4 albums a year

Finish those songs, release more music & show your talent
Video Transcription: Trailer

Let me show you how to finish a song in less than 24 hours. And when I say “finish”, I’m not talking melody and lyrics, I’m talking writing, arranging, sound design, recording, music production, mixing and mastering– literally anything from first idea to final bounce. And I know what you’re thinking: that song is not gonna be good. But what if it was? In fact, what if it was better than anything you’ve ever written? What if… you could finish better songs, faster?

If you want to be a professional songwriter, the one skill you need to master is songwriting process. It’s the core discipline, where everything we teach at HSA comes together. So we’ve developed a 7-and-a-half step process you can follow to finish your songs in 24 hours or less. 

This is the course you’ve been asking for since the beginning, and I’ve been listening. After years of research and conducting experiments, here’s my answer. I’ve collected and worked through all of your questions and solved them for you, so you can write quickly and effortlessly instead of banging your head against your keyboard. Here’s a couple of the big challenges you’ve told me about:

#1 How to finish your songs. I know about that hard drive. That folder on your phone. That notebook you’ve been writing into. I know you have hundreds of ideas waiting to be finished. Your piggy bank of ideas is bursting at the seams. But you just can’t bring yourself to crack it. Let’s burst it open. Let’s use those ideas and turn them into hundreds of songs. Or better yet, fuck ‘em. I’ll show you how to come up with a hundred new ideas that are more in line with who you are today. Let’s make some music! 

#2 How to stop your songs from turning into mutants. You know that feeling when you’ve moved past your song’s expiration date, when you keep writing even though you should’ve stopped. This happens when you don’t have clear milestones, when you don’t know when your song is finished. You lose track of what made your song special in the first place and you make it inaccessible to listeners. I will show you how to know when your song is done, so you have a clear milestone you’re moving towards, so you don’t mutate your songs, so you can put the last strokes on your song with a smile on your face instead of a worry in your heart. Amen.

#3 How to enjoy writing again. If you suffer from writer’s block, or you’re lacking motivation, or you hate everything you write: let me show you how to get back to the days where you got excited about songwriting, where you couldn’t wait to share your music with the world. That person was in there once, and it’s still there. It’s just buried under a bunch of bad practices you’ve amassed over the years. So let’s do some clean up, and remove all the shit. Let’s start over, and rediscover the joy in writing.

#4 How to write more music you love. Think of all those songs you never finished. Think of those songs you DID finish but never released, because they weren’t good enough. And think of those songs you finished and released, but if you’re honest, you know they’re not that good. What if I could show you a process where you LOVE, not like– LOVE, 80% of the songs you write? This is simply a matter of installing fail-safes, checking in on a few key metrics along the way, to make sure your song is hitting the right targets. 80% is just the beginning. 

#5 How to find the time to write. I’ll show you how to find a process that fits your schedule. Whether you can write music full time or you only have a few hours on weekends, I’ll show you how to make the 24-hour song process work for you. Whether your goal is to finish your first song, to finish a song every month or to release a full-length album every month: all of that is possible, and I’ll show you how!

There is so much in this course, and I’m not gonna do it all justice, but let me just rattle off some more highlights. I’m fully aware that all this sounds too good to be true, but that’s because process really is at the core of everything we do as songwriters. Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to write more authentic and unique music. 
How to get back into flow when you’re stuck.
How to write a song in real time, in less than 5 minutes.
How to take your song beyond what is expected and make it stand out in a crowded market.
How to stop yourself from falling in love with your demo, so you can stay objective and kill your darlings with ease.

Streamline your process, finish your songs, write better music faster. My name is Friedemann Findeisen, and this is the 24-Hour Song. 

Become a Songwriting Clockwork

Finish songs within hours, not months
Write the best songs you've ever written
Enjoy every last second of the journey

What songwriters are saying

Taught me that I too can find my own voice with confidence

Having failed many times at writing a song I am happy with I have found that perseverance and sound guidance from Friedemann has reconfigured my approach and led me to achieve results I love. I enjoy the songwriting process, and Friedemann has taught me that the methods adopted by many great songwriters I admire are not transcendent and I too can find my own voice with confidence. Friedemann inspired me to use songwriting methods as tools rather than blueprints to communicate mine.



Any time a song of mine moved someone, it's because of these insights

I'm a hobbyist that aspires to earn money through music in the long run, and Friedemann is, in every sense, a great companion to have in this journey. I think any time a song of mine moved someone, I owe that to Friedemann and his insights on hype and tension. He's fun, very intelligent, friendly and has a nerd soul. This is the type of teacher that is never entirely satisfied with just showing you examples of what works and what doesn't. He goes the extra mile in order to figure out and teach you the underlying rules that allow things to work.



I can see the matrix now

Has changed not only the way that I produce music and think about music, but also the way that I perceive and experience it. It was like the first time someone points out a bass guitar part and your eyes/ears are opened, except on a much larger scale. I see the matrix now.



Actually write songs instead of just daydreaming of it

Friedemann Findeisens Holistic Songwriting has given me the courage to actually write songs instead of just daydreaming of it. He makes songwriting easy and accessible. Especially his advice, that you can even write good songs on crappy instruments, was very helpful. He has also shown me that you don't have to become a professional musician in order to write songs. He has a great ear for giving feedback on song submissions.



7 benefits of writing a song in less than 24 hours:

#1 - Direct & Intuitive

Capture your emotions raw! Clearer songs straight from your heart

#2 - Focused, in Flow

Improved focus practices your songwriting muscle

#3 - Massive Output

Produce more songs in a shorter time frame, regular releases for your fan base

#4 - Constant Practice

Practice under pressure hones your skills and improves your songwriting

#5 - Positive Mindset

Stop the constant doubt, the overthinking and the overanalyzing

#6 - Prolific & Professional

The more you write, the more opportunities you attract

#7 - Inventive & Quick-Witted

Time constraints make you more creative

What's in it?

"The 24-Hour Song" is not just another songwriting course; it's a transformative experience that will revolutionize the way you approach songwriting. It is packed with practical, usable techniques to speed up your workflow. Here’s what you can expect:

Write faster! Finish songs in less than 24 hours
Finish strong! Complete your songs with confidence
Elevate your songwriting/production skills
Find the perfect starting point for your song
Tap into flow state and make music with genuine euphoria.
Guided milestones eliminate confusion and frustration
Silence your inner critic and learn to appreciate your intuition
Overcome self-doubt and take pride in your writing
Stay inspired and motivated throughout the entire process

Are you ready to transform your songwriting journey? Imagine the joy of creating music without limits, the thrill of finishing songs with confidence, and the fulfillment of finding your unique songwriting voice.

Uh-Oh! Which one to pick now?
Don't let your musical dreams gather dust – seize this opportunity to become the songwriter you've always aspired to be.
Join "The 24-Hour Song" today, and let your musical journey begin!

Write more songs than you ever have before

+BONUS: Watch Me Write
(Coming Soon!)

What good is all the theory in the world if you can’t imagine what it looks like in practice?

So let me practice what I preach and actually write a song in front of your very eyes, using The 24-Hour Song Process. Songwriting is intimate, and I don’t normally share my process. But seeing this is going to show you what actually happens behind the curtains of writing a song in 24 hours. 

Let me take you through each step of the process, from song idea to recording parts. This way you can see The 24-Hour Song in action, and know what you’re working towards. You will see where your own process is lacking, and what skills you need to work on in order to improve. 

This bonus will be released soon (you will be notified via email).


Worried you won't make time?

Let’s take a look at why that is for a moment. Take a look at this graph.

Is this how you prioritize? You go through your to-do list and for each item, you think about how important and urgent it is? And then you swear to only complete tasks from the important/urgent quadrant.

These are tasks like answering emails, zoom calls or phone calls, meetings or paying your taxes. This is what most people do, and it seems logical: after all, you want to do the most pressing, most important thing at any given time, right?

Well, no. The sector you really want to focus on is this one: important, not urgent.

Because where do your big life goals, your meaningful projects go? Writing an album, starting your music career or practicing songwriting technique is never going to be urgent. They are all important, but none of them are urgent. This is why, if you're only thinking in terms of urgency, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

The question is, Where do you want to put your life’s focus? On the urgent/important pile, where other people dictate your life? Or on the important/not urgent pile, where you call the shots?

Start working on your craft now, or you’ll keep pushing it further and further back and then you’ll never do it.

Worried you're not there yet?

Every successful songwriter has, at some point, felt the same apprehensions you're experiencing now. Doubting your readiness and fearing inadequacy are natural emotions when stepping into uncharted territory. However, these feelings can also be a sign that you're on the brink of something truly extraordinary.

Holistic Songwriting Academy is carefully designed to cater to individuals of varying skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned musician looking to enhance your lyrical abilities or a beginner eager to compose your very first melody, we've tailored our curriculum to accommodate all stages of artistic development.

Here's why you're more prepared than you think:

Passion is Your Greatest Asset: Your enthusiasm for songwriting is the foundation on which your skills will grow. The desire to express yourself through music is a powerful motivator that can drive you to conquer any self-doubt.
The Talent Myth: Talent is not something you’re born with, it’s the result of discipline. The sooner you stop worrying about your genetic predisposition and start working on your craft, the sooner you’ll improve.
Growth Mindset: Our course is not just about teaching techniques; it's about nurturing a growth mindset. We believe that everyone has the potential to evolve as an artist, and our instructors are here to guide and support you every step of the way.
Safe and Supportive Community: You won't be alone on this journey. Our community of fellow songwriters is warm, welcoming, and understanding. Sharing your progress, asking questions, and seeking feedback will become invaluable tools in your growth.
Learning at Your Pace: We understand that life can get busy. Our course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit modules whenever you need to. There's no rush – your growth is the priority.
Embracing Imperfection: Remember, every song starts as a rough draft. The process of learning involves making mistakes, experimenting, and refining your craft. Our course provides a judgment-free space for you to hone your skills.
Personalized Learning: Our instructors are not only experienced songwriters but also skilled educators. They are well-versed in adapting their teaching methods to suit individual learning styles, ensuring you receive the guidance you need.
Celebrating Progress: We celebrate progress over perfection. Each small step you take towards mastering the art of songwriting is an achievement worth acknowledging.

Enrolling in our online songwriting course is not about being the best; it's about investing in your growth and nurturing your creativity. Remember, even the most celebrated songwriters started somewhere. The key is to embrace the journey and have faith in your potential.Believe in yourself. Enroll now and let your songwriting flourish.

Worried it’s not for you?

Not sure whether HSA is the right fit for you? 

First of all, we teach students of all kinds. We’ve seen everything from 90 year olds to the deaf (that’s the reason we have video transcriptions now). Everybody is welcome. 

Secondly, you can choose from our wide range of courses to find the one that best suits your needs and skill level. 

And if you’re still not sure: How about you try one of our courses first? We have a course specifically for this purpose: The 24-Hour Song, which shows you how to write better songs faster. The 24-Hour song started as an HSA course and we only decided recently that we would make it available to the public, to give you an idea what to expect.

Get that and go through it. If you like it, you’ll like Holistic Songwriting Academy. It’s that simple. 

The 24-hour Song is the perfect starting point in your journey with Holistic Songwriting, as it answers all of the most important questions of songwriting in one course:
- How to finish four albums a year
- Enjoy songwriting like you used to
- Only write songs you like, and more songs you love!
- Stop feeling like an impostor
- Eliminate Writer’s Block
- Finish your songs, even the hard ones
- Find the time to write
- Know when your song is finished
- Make killing your darlings easy
- How to stop falling in love with your shitty demos
- Write your best song yet
- Write more unique and authentic songs