Your Music Could Save Someone's Life

We change the world through powerful messages, iconic productions and memorable hooks.

Rethink Song Creation

Build your Iconic Image, hack your audience's emotions & become a Puppetmaster.

At Holistic Songwriting, everything starts with you: Who are you, what is your message and what makes you unique?

Once we’ve figured that out, we look at how to reveal your character through your music: which chords, melodies, lyrics, grooves and sounds can you use to tell your story?

Our goal: to turn you into a master of song creation, someone who knows all the ins and outs of which lever to pull to amplify an emotion, make a song more danceable or a hook more memorable. 

Unlike other forms of education, we don’t look at the elements of songwriting in isolation.

The Songwriting Circle shows all the (so often overlooked) interconnections in music that make a song special. 

This approach has helped us answer some of music’s biggest questions, such as:
- how do you turn ANY text into lyrics?
- how do you unlock ANY note on the keyboard?
- how do you make ANY song groove? How can you make it easier to dance to?
- how do you make ANY song structure work?
- how do you turn ANY topic into full-fledged lyrics?
- how do you make ANY melody memorable?
- how do you make ANY song engaging and fun?
- how do you make ANY arrangement clear and powerful?

What our artists are saying...

Friedemann isn't afraid to tell you how it is

I’ve sent him over ten songs at this point and I learn something every single time he gives me feedback. He dives into every aspect of the music and provides helpful insight that’s supported by his wealth of experience. I’m incredibly grateful for the feedback he’s provided, the time he takes to meticulously study music, and the methods he uses to deliver a valuable education. I believe Holistic Songwriting has led me to become much more aware of the choices I’m making within my music.


Singer/Songwriter, 6M+ listeners on Spotify

Opened a new world for me

Friedemann opened a new world for me with his approach to songwriting and singing the initial lyrics. Skeptical at first, not really a singer. I tried it and was amazed at the increased production and improvement in my songs. And, many of his tools are also very helpful and time savers too. Now the band is heading to the studio to record enough for a first EP. I couldn't have done it without his guidance.



How To Become An Icon is one of the many classes included in your enrolment with HSA.

A Masterclass in Breaking the Rules

Write any line, use any chord, pick any note, choose any theme; we'll show you how to make it work.

We are less interested in rules and techniques. Instead, we focus on the big psychological principles that make songs great, from crafting an emotional experience to storytelling.

Once you see the Matrix, you’ll see that you can do absolutely anything you want. We don’t want to turn you into an AI, churning out one lifeless song after another, we want to give you the freedom of using music to explain and express yourself.

The Science of Hit Songwriting

Melodic Math and beyond: the devious psychological principles of successful music that make people listen

At Holistic Songwriting, we have conducted hundreds of musical experiments to figure out how music ticks.

We use the scientific approach to discover the formulas of music that make your music connect better with your audience.

Some of our biggest accomplishments:
- unraveled the science of Groove (how to make an instrument or entire arrangement groove)
- discovered the psychological principles of adding impact to your melodies & lyrics, so they hit harder and stick better
- unveiled the formula that makes your song structures and transitions addicting, so listeners won’t be able to turn off your song

What our artists are saying...

Accessible, flexible & encouraging: game-changer!

What stands out for me is Friedemann’s analytical teaching style. As someone who thrives on understanding the mechanics behind things, this approach was right up my alley. Friedemann offers a structured, rule-based framework that demystifies the art of songwriting, making it a more accessible and manageable craft. Consequently, my confidence in my skills has grown, and it’s way easier to communicate with other creatives in collaborations.

As an electronic music producer, I started Holistic Songwriting Academy thinking I needed to focus on melody and composition. I was wrong—what I really needed was Groove. Before, I used to just pick drum loops that seemed to fit, but now I get the function of each drum element and how to use it to make my tracks come alive - vital for any electronic music producer.

The courses on harmony surprised me by encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone with chords. I'm no longer tied to just one key and can now use non-diatonic chords intentionally, giving me the freedom to evoke specific emotions in my music.

The lyrics material was enlightening, even though I don't write lyrics. It has equipped me with the insight to not only collaborate with songwriters but also contribute my own lyrical ideas. Those courses also made me want to try writing my own lyrics in the future.

In short, HSA has been a game-changer for me. It's comprehensive, flexible, and incredibly enlightening. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.


Music Producer, 1M+ listeners on Spotify

From Metronome to Magic is one of the many classes included in your enrolment with HSA.

What's included?

30+ Songwriting & Production Classes:

Discover what our artists have dubbed the "best place online" or "the highest quality courses they've ever seen."

Programming MIDI Drums

Unleash the infectious power of rhythm with our MIDI drum programming course. Transform your tracks into dynamic grooves that will get heads nodding and feet tapping.

Dynamic Arrangements

Elevate your compositions from simple sketches to fully-fledged sonic journeys. Learn the art of arranging elements in your track for maximum impact.

Writing The Snare

The snare drum can make or break your beat. Learn how to craft snare patterns that add flair, energy, and drive to your tracks.

Writing The Kick

Master the heart-thumping pulse of your music – the kick drum. Craft kick patterns that give your tracks a powerful foundation.

Writing The Hihat

Elevate your rhythm with the often-underestimated hihat. Discover how this versatile element can infuse your music with energy and character.

Groove Mapping

Blend the rhythmic elements together for a driving, irresistible groove that sets your music on fire.

Rhythmic Plot Twists

Keep your listeners engaged with unexpected twists and turns in your rhythms. Elevate your compositions with surprise elements that command attention.

Breaking The Pulse

Unleash your creativity with intricate, complex rhythms that make your tracks stand out in any genre.

Rhythmic Interplay

Craft captivating rhythm sections that lay the groundwork for your musical masterpieces. Learn to create basslines, chords, and drum arrangements that groove with authority.

Analysing Arrangements

Dive into the anatomy of hit songs. Uncover the secrets behind great tracks, dissecting the layers, textures, and techniques that make music stand out.

Emotional Intelligence In Music

Music is an emotional journey. Explore how to evoke feelings, memories, and connections through your compositions.

Pushing Through Dissonance

Learn how to create suspense, build anticipation, and deliver satisfying musical resolutions that keep your listeners engaged.

The Art of Comping

Craft harmonically rich chord progressions that add depth and sophistication to your tracks.

Chords: Beyond Expectations

Take your harmonies beyond the ordinary. Discover how non-diatonic harmony can add complexity and intrigue to your music.

Mastering Melodic Groove

Infuse your melodies with groove, making them irresistible and memorable to anyone who hears them.hello

Melody: Shaping Pitch

Learn the secrets to creating melodies that tug at the heartstrings and stay in your listeners' minds long after the music has stopped.

Orchestral Layering

Elevate your tracks with captivating arrangements that bring in-depth textures and emotions.

The Art of Storytelling

Music is a powerful narrative tool. Learn how to weave stories into your songs, captivating your listeners from the first note.

The Lyric Canvas 2.0

Elevate your songwriting by infusing your lyrics with depth and meaning that resonates with your listeners on a profound level.

Lyrics In Motion

Learn how to seamlessly blend your lyrics and melodies, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances both elements.

The Addiction Formula 2.0 (Coming Soon!)

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the groundbreaking course that revolutionized songwriting. Stay tuned for more details!

Sculpting Space

Dive into the sonic landscape and learn how to manipulate space and sound for a captivating listening experience.

Quick & Dirty Music Production

Get your tracks from idea to reality in record time. Master the art of fast and efficient music production.

By the End of this Course You’ll Know Music Theory

Unlock the mysteries of music theory, demystifying complex concepts and empowering you with the knowledge to craft musical magic.

The 24-Hour Song

Challenge yourself to create a complete song in just 24 hours, tapping into your creativity in a whole new way.

Ear Training Gym (Coming Soon!)

Sharpen your musical ear with exercises designed to train your listening skills and take your music to the next level.

Our 30+ courses run anywhere from 1-8 hours, the average being 3 hours.
Transcriptions are available, as is playback speed control.
Each course comes with a series of challenges and exercises to complete.

A few of the classes you don't want to miss:

How To Become An Icon

Create a character that ripples through every creative decision you ever make
If you’re a fan of my Artists Series on YouTube, you’ll know how important it is for an artist to cultivate an Image. In the chaos that creative work can become, your Image is your guiding light. It’s your unique selling point. It makes you recognizable. It makes your work cohesive. It makes decisions for you. It helps you tell your story and express yourself. It allows you to break the rules of songwriting in ways nobody but you can.

In “How To Become An Icon”, we take you through the process of creating your character and we show you what to do with it. Our alumni call it “mind-blowing”, “life-changing”. This is a course so radical in its mindset shift that you’ll keep coming back to it for years to come.

Finding Your Voice

Make every word count, make any text better
Anyone who argues that writing lyrics is easy doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Lyrics need to be imaginative. They need to be meaningful. They need to be catchy, fresh, and vivid. You want to briefly transport your listener to another world, provoke their thoughts, express yourself and do all of that in 20 lines or less. It’s hard. But let me tell you a secret: Writing lyrics begins with becoming a good writer. If you can write a blog, a story or an email, you can write lyrics.

In “Finding Your Voice” (the first of three courses on lyric writing), we’re not even looking at lyrics yet; you learn how to write better, period. Widely useful and instantly applicable, this will permanently change the way you communicate.

The Chords Progression Architect

Navigating diatonic harmony with ease
Why learn how to write a chord progression in the age of random generators and AI? Because harmony is about so much more than randomly stacking a few chords together. First, I’ll show you how to find the perfect chord progression for your vibe, emotion and theme– this is about knowing the function of each chord and what it has to say. Next, I’ll show you how to make your chord progression sound logical.

That means no matter how weird your chords are, I’ll show you how to make them sound good together. And finally, you’ll learn how to give your chord progression a modern and unique sound, with Gefährlich Harmony– you’ll never write another chord progression without it.

From Metronome to Magic

Place notes for maximum impact. Move crowds and rattle cores
For all you producers out there, this is the most powerful arranging technique you have ever seen. Here’s the exact steps to making anything groove. And I’m not even talking about single instruments; I’m talking about making all of your instruments groove, collectively. This is a masterclass in the rhythmic placement of notes, in setting the right velocities, and writing parts that gel with each other.

With the ground-breaking technique you learn in “From Metronome to Magic”, you’ll be able to dial in how groovy you want your section to be. This is exclusive to HSA; you don’t learn this anywhere else! Start your journey now and take your productions from a wobbly mess to a tight arrangement in no time.

Modern Counterpoint

Arrange for vocal clarity and enhance your melodic lines
A breakthrough in vocal arrangement: In “Modern Counterpoint”, you’ll learn how to write a melody that practically mixes itself. Having trouble with your lyrics being understood in your live shows or on recordings? I’ll show you three vocal setting techniques that will make your voice stand out wherever you are. In this one-of-a-kind learning experience, you’ll learn how to piece together the vocals and the music so both can sound clear and powerful.

This is exclusive to HSA; you don’t learn this anywhere else! Learn my favorite vocal rhythmization technique that will add drive to your hooks– they practically leap from the speakers. Enroll now to gain complete control over your melodies.

1 Full Year of SongLabs

Meet up with our team every week for live lessons, QnAs, feedback on your songs, or just to hang out!

Get motivated, find encouragement, meet others and get busy writing!

Class: By the end of this course you'll know Music Theory

Read Music | Understand Harmony | Get Rhythm

Music theory is the language professional musicians use to talk about music, and we think you should speak it.

This is why we're including a full course on this subject in HSA that will teach you absolutely everything you need to know.

All Future Updates Included

All Classes | All Lessons | All Upgrades

Don't have the time to go through the program right now? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Holistic Songwriting Academy is the gift that keeps on giving. We release several new courses a year, dozens of new lessons and hundreds of small updates, and you're getting all of them.

The Academy is a resource: Not something you go through once, but a living organism you keep coming back to over and over again throughout your career. And with all updates included you can be sure that all information is up-to-date!

Class: Release Your Music

Get your music on iTunes and Spotify | Collect Royalties | Get Heard

Writing songs is one thing, but how do you get them out into the world? That's what we address in this bonus course "Release Your Songs". Here's what you can expect to learn:

Protect your songs | Choose your distributor | Register with a PRO | Submit your music for sync | Releasing on Social Media | Pitching to playlists

Full 30 Day Guarantee

Test everything, if it doesn't work for you: get your money back!

We understand that this can be a big investment, so if you enroll and realize that HSA is not for you, you can get yourself a refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.

100+ Hours of Classes
PLUS: 1 Year of SongLabs
PLUS: Music Theory Class
PLUS: Release Your Music
PLUS: Full 30-Day Guarantee
= 12x 397€

Enroll Now

What songwriters are saying

My single has gained over 500K streams

Once I found your videos on youtube & purchased your audiobook, it taught me a variety of tools that I could use to formulate/create the structures of my songs... Some of which now have over hundreds of thousands of streams across my platforms!

I love the way you break knowledge/music concepts down to level where "music theory" isn't needed to understand. The way you teach these concepts are in a fun/easy to take in sort of way if that makes sense... I see you as like the "cool/fun" teacher that everyone had in school.

Thanks to holistic songwriting, the tools I learned helped me structure & arrange all of my music including my single „Soleil“ which has gained over 500K streams/plays across all my platforms combined!!


Recording artist, 5M+ plays & 75.000 monthly listeners on Spotify

Changed my life and it's thanks to your education

My name is Asia Ward and I graduated last May with a degree in musical theatre, but nowadays, I produce, write, and sing songs for myself and other people. The only way that transition was possible was because of your courses. I started making music for fun after musical theatre didn't work out, but had no direction on where to start. With your guidance, my older songs were selected to win a slot in Tayla Parx's songwriting/production camp in NYC with people like Tommy Brown, Sarah Hudson, Ali Thompson, Normani, and more were in attendance. It changed my life and it's thanks to your education. You are able to break down giant ideas into a language I understand.


Writer, 10.000 monthly listeners on Spotify

From Metronome to Magic is one of the many classes included in your enrolment with HSA.


Why this price?

What we offer is so much more than a subscription to udemy or monthly. We’re not a “songwriting course”, we are a hub for songwriters and producers who want to master the art of writing and producing songs. This goes way further than giving you a little bit of information and wishing you good luck. This is why it makes more sense to compare us to universities like Berklee College of Music, where the total tuition cost is $45,467, or the Juilliard School, total tuition: $51,230. 

See HSA not just as an expense, but as an investment in your passion and potential. The skills you'll acquire, the connections you'll form, and the growth you'll experience are invaluable assets that will stay with you throughout your musical journey.

When you join our program, you're not just gaining access to educational content; you're becoming a part of a supportive community of fellow songwriters. This network can provide insights, feedback, and collaborative opportunities that extend beyond the price you pay.

Our commitment to your growth means that we're consistently updating and enhancing our course content. By enrolling now, you secure access to future updates that will continue to enrich your learning experience.

We're committed to making our songwriting course accessible to individuals who are passionate about music and eager to learn. Your financial concerns are important to us, which is why we worked very hard to find a reasonable price point. Don't let money hold you back from exploring your songwriting potential.

Think you won't make time?

Let’s take a look at why that is for a moment. Take a look at this graph.

Is this how you prioritize? You go through your to-do list and for each item, you think about how important and urgent it is? And then you swear to only complete tasks from the important/urgent quadrant.

These are tasks like answering emails, zoom calls or phone calls, meetings or paying your taxes. This is what most people do, and it seems logical: after all, you want to do the most pressing, most important thing at any given time, right?

Well, no. The sector you really want to focus on is this one: important, not urgent.

Because where do your big life goals, your meaningful projects go? Writing an album, starting your music career or practicing songwriting technique is never going to be urgent. They are all important, but none of them are urgent. This is why, if you're only thinking in terms of urgency, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

The question is, Where do you want to put your life’s focus? On the urgent/important pile, where other people dictate your life? Or on the important/not urgent pile, where you call the shots?

Start working on your craft now, or you’ll keep pushing it further and further back and then you’ll never do it.

Who is your teacher?

Hi, I’m Friedemann Findeisen, creator of Holistic Songwriting Academy. I’ve been teaching people how to change their lives by empowering them to write awesome fucking songs. I help songwriters, musicians, producers and artists to find their message and express it in a way that resonates with others.

As a teacher: I started doing this in 2015, the year I got my Bachelor of Music. I released my bestseller “The Addiction Formula” in the same year (available on Amazon and Audible). In 2017, I released “The Artists Series” on YouTube, which has gathered millions of views and over 400,000 subscribers. In 2019, I did a kickstarter for “The Songwriting Decks”, which was funded at 238%. I teach one day a week at Artez, the biggest conservatory in the Netherlands, and I’m a frequent guest speaker at various universities around Europe and the United States.

As a songwriter: I have written and produced music in a lot of different styles (here is an old showreel). For my artist project Canohead, I mix influences from Metal with Indie Folk, Grunge, Jazz, Funk and Trip Hop. These days, I prefer helping others on their journey, but in the past, when I was more actively pursuing a music career, I wrote for Apple, Ubisoft, and my film music has gone to Cannes Film Festival. I come with the highest recommendations of Conrad Pope (John Williams’ orchestrator), Erwin Steijlen (Pink, Shakira) and Rene Merkelbach (Within Temptation).

Here’s the bottom line: Does my material help you or not? At the end of the day, that’s the question. Are you getting something out of it? Who I am should not matter in this. Some people put a lot of emphasis on credits, but fact is: there are many famous writers who can’t teach for shit. No, I am not a famous artist. I have never had a hit, nor have I attempted to write one. But I’m not teaching you to be me. I’m teaching you to be you. Listen to my stuff; it may not be your jam, but you can hear it’s made with passion and skill. And then ask yourself whether you’d rather want to work with someone famous or someone who’s passionate and skilled in helping you improve.

Join Holistic Songwriting Academy today and embark on a journey of songwriting education led by a mentor who's eager to unlock your full potential.

Think you're not there yet?

Every successful songwriter has, at some point, felt the same apprehensions you're experiencing now. Doubting your readiness and fearing inadequacy are natural emotions when stepping into uncharted territory. However, these feelings can also be a sign that you're on the brink of something truly extraordinary.

Holistic Songwriting Academy is carefully designed to cater to individuals of varying skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned musician looking to enhance your lyrical abilities or a beginner eager to compose your very first melody, we've tailored our curriculum to accommodate all stages of artistic development.

Here's why you're more prepared than you think:

Passion is Your Greatest Asset: Your enthusiasm for songwriting is the foundation on which your skills will grow. The desire to express yourself through music is a powerful motivator that can drive you to conquer any self-doubt.

The Talent Myth: Talent is not something you’re born with, it’s the result of discipline. The sooner you stop worrying about your genetic predisposition and start working on your craft, the sooner you’ll improve.

Growth Mindset: Our course is not just about teaching techniques; it's about nurturing a growth mindset. We believe that everyone has the potential to evolve as an artist, and our instructors are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Safe and Supportive Community: You won't be alone on this journey. Our community of fellow songwriters is warm, welcoming, and understanding. Sharing your progress, asking questions, and seeking feedback will become invaluable tools in your growth.

Learning at Your Pace: We understand that life can get busy. Our course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit modules whenever you need to. There's no rush – your growth is the priority.

Embracing Imperfection: Remember, every song starts as a rough draft. The process of learning involves making mistakes, experimenting, and refining your craft. Our course provides a judgment-free space for you to hone your skills.

Personalized Learning: Our instructors are not only experienced songwriters but also skilled educators. They are well-versed in adapting their teaching methods to suit individual learning styles, ensuring you receive the guidance you need.

Celebrating Progress: We celebrate progress over perfection. Each small step you take towards mastering the art of songwriting is an achievement worth acknowledging.

Enrolling in our online songwriting course is not about being the best; it's about investing in your growth and nurturing your creativity. Remember, even the most celebrated songwriters started somewhere. The key is to embrace the journey and have faith in your potential.Believe in yourself. Enroll now and let your songwriting flourish.

Think it’s not for you?

Not sure whether HSA is the right fit for you? 

First of all, we teach students of all kinds. We’ve seen everything from 90 year olds to the deaf (that’s the reason we have video transcriptions now). Everybody is welcome. 

Secondly, you can choose from our wide range of courses to find the one that best suits your needs and skill level. 

And if you’re still not sure: How about you try one of our courses first? We have a course specifically for this purpose: The 24-Hour Song, which shows you how to write better songs faster. The 24-Hour song started as an HSA course and we only decided recently that we would make it available to the public, to give you an idea what to expect.

Get that and go through it. If you like it, you’ll like Holistic Songwriting Academy. It’s that simple. 

The 24-hour Song is the perfect starting point in your journey with Holistic Songwriting, as it answers all of the most important questions of songwriting in one course:

- How to finish four albums a year
- Enjoy songwriting like you used to
- Only write songs you like, and more songs you love!
- Stop feeling like an impostor
- Eliminate Writer’s Block
- Finish your songs, even the hard ones
- Find the time to write
- Know when your song is finished
- Make killing your darlings easy
- How to stop falling in love with your shitty demos
- Write your best song yet
- Write more unique and authentic songs

Get access to the world's best song creation resource

Enroll Now

Obtained a traineeship in one of Australia's best recording studios

Holistic Songwriting helped change the course of my life. I've always loved playing music, as a drummer. I liked the idea of writing songs, but I just couldn't grasp a lot of the concepts.But your YouTube channel, Podcasts, and Bundles have expanded my knowledge to the point where I obtained a traineeship in one of Australia's best recording studios - The Grove. I get to work with amazing Australian artists like Violent Soho, Birds of Tokyo, The Dune Rats, Ocean Alley and so many more.I recommend you to anyone I know who has an interest in music, 10/10.



Turning pro is no longer a dream

Friedemann Findeisen and Holistic Songwriting did not only help me take my commercial songwriting skills to next level, but thanks to him my latest single was aired on German Radio and Germany's biggest music blog wrote about me as an artist (I am a small independent artist): "a voice you should have heard of". Because of Friedemann, quitting my dayjob and turning pro as an artist is no longer a dream, but actual reality.



A word from the creator of HSA, Friedemann Findeisen

Today, HSA is just about the only thing you can buy on our website.

So what happened to our old courses?

The Hook Checklist, the Lyric-Writing Master Files, the Hook&Melody Master Files, Drum-Writing for Non-Drummers, Geek Free Music Production, Nippy Noya’s Groove Masterclass, our Quickfix Courses, the 30-Day Ear Training Challenge, the 7 Day Hit Song Program?

...Over 26 hours of content: discontinued, every last second.

Even though these courses were popular, even though we spent years making them, what really matters to us is student development. So we have put our focus on the content that has had the biggest impact on our students, in one word: HSA. 

This is my way of making the world of music a better, more enlightened place. It is the very best I have to offer, and I hope it will become more to you than just something you once watched on the internet.

I’ve seen people change their life’s course because of these songwriting lessons. If you are struggling with the world, or yourself, all the love in the world is not going to make a difference. But music, though? I think it can.

Stay gefährlich,